We all struggle with managing our to do lists. Before we realise it, the list is long and we feel totally out of control.

If you manage your to list on a piece of paper or in a notebook its easy to lose it. Or you spend time rewriting the same list out every week and nothing gets crossed off.

Or you there might be more than just you in your business. Do you share tasks via email? Do you have trouble keeping track of who is working on what. You also probably don't have a good handle on what tasks remain outstanding.

Enter the conquering hero - Asana. Asana helps you to move work forward. I use Asana to manage all the tasks and projects for sarahdrysdale.com and I use with my clients.

Here is how I use to with my clients

I use Asana when my premium coaching clients. At the end of each coaching call I add the tasks or projects we discussed and agreed on the call.

For example if the coaching call was about improving a clients website. We would discuss the changes that could be made to the site. We agree which ones we will move forward with. These either become a project - if its a bigger piece of work or its a tasks added to an existing project. I will go into Asana and add the task - who is responsible and when it needs to be done by.

The power of this tool is that it hold the clients and myself accountable. We can both see who is working on what and when it needs to be done by. This empowers my clients to act. This gives them the incentive to put everything they learn on a coaching call into practice.

The clients can then use this tool to ask me questions. For example if they aren't sure about a tasks or need more information they will add a comment to a task. I will receive that email and then reply. The reply is saved with the tasks so we have a track record of everything discussed on that topic.

My clients also use the tool to ask me to review deliverables. For example they may have created some Facebook ad graphics and copy. They can send me a tasks to review it and attach everything it need to review it. I can then comment back with improvements.

When you are working with multiple clients and on multiple projects this is a life saver. Each day I can log in and see the tasks I am supposed to be working on for the day. Once they are complete I can tick them off. There is so much satisfaction is ticking of those tasks!

Here are the key features

These are the key features of Asana:

  1. Keep track of projects from start to finish
  2. Assign tasks between team members
  3. Add and track tasks
  4. Get an overview using the dashboard
  5. See progress at a glance
  6. Track conversations and turn them into actions by adding tasks
  7. Your Asana inbox will track the emails you need to get
  8. You can use Asana to track bugs, projects, run meetings

The best thing is that it is free to join! You can use Asana for free up to 15 people.

Works for all businesses

You don't have to be a coach or a service based business to benefit from a tasks management system like Asana. Even if you have an online store or bricks and mortar business you still have tasks. You can create projects for each of core responsibilities and add your tasks there. You will always have projects or new things you want to implement in your business. You can use Asana to create the project, add the tasks and get other people involved to help.

Watch my Asana walk through now.

If you would like to see Asana in action - watch my walk through video now. I created this as a mini training video for my clients.