PunchTab is a profitable incentives and loyalty engagement platform that boosts campaigns for marketing agencies, business organizations, brands, and reward programs.

PunchTab allows customers to generate mobile-empowered programs and social sharing in just 5 minutes. Its customer’s use the solutions to develop business engagement and promote alertness through awareness campaigns, social sharing, and practical B2B and B2E programs.

Business organizations and marketing agencies are consistently entrusted with developing new and productive ways to influence new users and engage with current clients through digital and social media campaigns. PunchTab provides effective tools that can blend with an actual website or social network, such as personalized branding, badges, applications and website incorporation, impetus actions, giveaways, e-commerce integration, and points systems. Correspondingly, PunchTab offers analytics and support to make sure that clients can quantify their program’s achievement and acquire assistance from PunchTab to establish effective results.

Loyalty programs and traditional rewards recompense customers for purcahses.  It is essential for businesses to keep an eye at rewards and engagement outside the purchase. Loyalty 2.0 covers advertisement, WOM, and social sharing. Social media is used by today’s customers to share the things that they do, buy, eat, and places they visit. Clients are able to make more contact points with their customers to promote engagement, reach, and loyalty by recompensing these activities.

Punchtab’s regular plan varies from FREE to $99 per month and the charges are established depending on the size of your online community. Moreover, all paid plans have distinct features and benefits which are not available to free accounts.

PunchTab provides completely tailored solutions and innovative products which rewards any activity with social, virtual, and real-life rewards. It also offers everything you need to grow and engage your audience.