Today I am going to start a series called "Learn the Secrets of Successful Websites". This series is based on my own experience and a recent report by BigCommerce and Paypal. BigCommerce is a leading online ecommerce platform and Paypal is the world's leading online payment system.

Tip One: Homepage Design - layout and navigation are important

The design of your homepage is important. It must be clean, simple and modern. It must be uncluttered. There should be a main navigation area ideally across the top with basic and obvious categories so customers can access products and services quickly.

This tip may seem basic but its amazing how many sites don't adhere to these basic principals. Take time today to critically assess your homepage. Ask yourself "Do you know users move around on the page, what interests them and what doesn't". If you don't then contact us to find out how. Think about whether your customers can find your products in one click. If they have to click many times to find what they are looking for - they will get bored and leave.

If you need advice on how to de-clutter your homepage or you would like to know how people move around your page and whether they are interested. Contact myself or your web developer.

There are many more tips to come.
Sarah - Boutique Business Consulting.