Tip #4 - Add Products Reviews to your website

If you have an ecommerce store you should add product reviews to your website. Product reviews are great for building trust as it allows customers to see what other people think about the products you sell. If you get a negative review leave it there and respond to it. It shows that you are honest and that you take on feedback.

Product reviews are also unique and timely content which helps your site have fresh content for Google and other search engines.

To make your reviews really effective you might need to encourage or incentivise your customers to leave feedback. It is best to add an app to your site that automatically emails the customer after the purchase to ask for a review and offer a $35 voucher or a % off their next purchase for doing so.

If you decide to add product reviews look plugins/extensions/apps that have the rating system - usually stars as it makes it easier for customers to assess the product and they can see that there is a review system on your website. Too often product reviews are hidden away.

Till next time....