Action Shots – Innovative Marketing Tool

Action Shots allows you shoot and display live pictures of your products in live action. The real life captured movements can be turned into a sequence shot for the better display. By displaying the real photo of your products, you can show other people how much your product is liked and trusted by the consumers. Social proof is one of the best ways to improve the marketability of any product and Action Shots helps you build a reputation of your products by showing them off to the outside world. It adds a space for the users to upload photos on your web store. You have the option to collect the names and email addresses of the users and thank them or offer a coupon code, in case you wish to.

Some of the major online stores depend on the customer action photos as social proof and now you too have the chance to boost your sales by making the best use of this app. There are customisable built-in themes to choose from, depending on the look and feel of your store. When it comes about safety, there are built-in features to prevent any type of wrongdoings, by one of your competitors or displeased customer, on the uploaded pictures. The app lets you check each photo prior to getting published in your store’s gallery. If you have a new image to review, you are informed about it through email.

This brand new application is an amazing way to connect with the customers around the world. You must know that internet users write and photograph lots of strange things and this is the reason why Action Shots stores all the images, uploaded by your customers, into an easily-accessible moderation queue. Photos are only published when you approve them for publishing.

Pricing of the app is on the monthly basis and depend upon the plan you choose to avail of, however, every plan offers a free trail for 14 days.