Improvely – The Revenue Enhancer for Experts in the Ad Industry

With this incredible application named Improvely, one can learn about the sources from where new customers are coming for doing good business. You will know everything as from which sites, ad clicks or web searches, the most potential customers want to reach you. Moreover, Improvely lets you keep track of the revenues you earn from Bing Ads, Google AdWords, Facebook and other sources of advertising. Besides, it also helps you get instant notifications on fake clicks and hence stops you from making payments wrongly.

Improvely operates in such a manner that you can become the smartest shop owner amongst your rivals. It keeps track on all the visiting sources leading to your site, all the external links, social networking sites like Twitter, G+, Facebook etc, web searches and even on the advertising activities you have been doing. Even when one will be purchasing a thing, you will be made alert through an email that would state the experience your new customer had while visiting your site. Moreover, you will be getting online reports in dozens that will give you details about your traffic source performances. This means that you will come to know everything about all your unique customers and their visiting details.

One of the biggest advantages of adding Improvely to the online store is that it would allure advertising experts who will find it easier to measure their advertising results without putting too much effort. Moreover, it will help one know how much revenue has been generated for every single marketing campaign.

To access the services of Improvely, you will be given a 14-day free trial. This will help you take some time to decide what monthly plan would be suitable for you. The monthly plan starts from $29.00 and goes up to $299.