Product Discount App

What is it?

Its a App that allows you quickly and easily create sales in your shopify store with just few clicks.

How does it work?
Product Discount is very simple and easy to use app for your Shopify online store. Only thing you have to do is select the products you want on sale and set the discount amount, and you can start your sale. The greatest part is that your product prices actually change on your website while the sale is on so your customers will know exactly how much the sale price is.

What is the Benefit to my business?
This App can create as many sales as you want for the same low price.


How much does it Cost?
The Product Discount App is available for one price time of $99.99. There is only one unlimited plan, which as no limits on the number of discount or sales you can setup in your Shopify store.

How can we help?
This App can help make you more money. we can tell you that almost everyone using Product Upsell makes more than enough to justify the cost of using it. We can also tell you that there have been over a million dollars worth of Upsells through our app.