The Photo Diner
What is it?
The Photo Diner is modernizing the way brands and the media connects.

How does it work?
The photo diner is a photo management and sharing tool for brands, PR agencies the media, fashion editors, stylists and bloggers. Store, search, download and share the newest fashion and runway photos and style books

What is the benefit to my business?
Photo Diner helps in storing and displays hi-res photos and documents, controlling who can search, view and download them.  You can create your own photo-based virtual showrooms to organize and display samples. Its very simple to track your showroom inventory with effortlessness. It generates complete reports who’s viewed and downloaded your photos, and who has borrowed shot and published your sample.



How much does it cost?
There are no joining fees. No contacts to sign. You can chose from the package that is right for you. Starting from 1 brand for $199 per month.