When pitching your company or product in Pinterest make sure you are not doing any of the following:

No description of your business
If I visit your Pinterest site, how do I know who is responsible for all the beautiful pins? If I don't know who you are and what you are selling why even bother looking at your content.  When opening a Pinterest account always fill every space in your profile and put as much information about your company and products.

Missing link to your website
OK great I'm there, I love your content and your product.  How do I get to it?  Linking is the most important step in order to get potential costumer or client to your site, and don't forget to have a great landing page with clear call to actions so you can land that sale.

Not enough pins from your website or blog
If you concentrate too much on pins related to your business but forget to pin your blog or website content then you are missing the whole point of Pinterest.  Pinning your content from your website or blog will help drive visitors traffic to your main sites.

Low quality pictures
Have you seen all the great pictures that are in Pinterest, then how come yours look so bad?  You can do much better; get a good shot of yourself in good light and a clear background.  If you are a company a nice high-resolution picture of your company headquarters, I know you have lots of those lying around.

Messy Boards
Why do your bring your desktop clutter to the Pinterest board?  A Pinterest board should always be neat and organized.  Don't mix your content; keep one board per relevant subject.  If you do your visitors will thank you while being able to navigate easily through your content and filter out what they don't want to see on the fly.

Missing links to your Social Media sites
Iā€™m there, I like your product but I am a Social Pineapple and I like to see what else is up your sleeve in your Tweeter account and Facebook.   Mentioning these sites in your profile will allow me to go there and check your other side.

Don't Pin just for the heck of it
Keep your pins relevant to your board subject matter.  Always describe briefly what you are pinning so that people have a clue of what you are offering.  Don't over do it either keep those descriptions just to a max of two sentences.

If you apply these concepts to your Pinterest board you will have an excellent board that is balanced with rich content, not boring and your visitors will keep coming back for more.

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