If you use Shopify for managing your e-commerce activity (product inventory, shopping cart, etc.), you can now embed Shopify Widgets to display “Buy Now” buttons, specific products, or your entire online store right on your website or blog.

The first method for shopifying integration into WordPress is using Shopify Widgets. Now let me just clear one confusion for you. In WordPress, Widgets are items that we add to sidebars and other widgetized areas like this recent post widget or recent comment widget that you see on any WordPress site. When I saw Shopify widgets, I'm talking about something else. Shopify has its own set of widgets. And it’s these widgets we're going to use.

Shopify widgets are not platform dependent. So you can just as easily add these widgets to any other sites, whether it is static or dynamic. Or running WordPress or Drupal, or anything else. Is entirely up to you.
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