What is Attraction Marketing?
There’s a new revolutionary way of marketing, which has developed, which has turned traditional techniques on their head. Attraction marketing means you now don’t have to hunt for folks to sell your products to. Back in the old days people spent countless hours cold calling on the phone and knocking on doors regularly with no results.
With attraction marketing you no longer have to search an unresponsive market; your prospects come to you for what the need.

Some people just do not like sales and are not comfortable pitching their business opportunity to everyone in their 3 foot radius.  Even those people who do love sales will eventually run out of people to talk to and be faced with those same two problems.

How to use Attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing involved branding yourself as an expert or leader in the network marketing industry. How do we do this? You have to provide value and solve the problem of your target market.
We know that the two biggest problems network marketers face are, running out of people to talk to and generating cash flow to survive in your business.

If people perceive you as an expert in these two problem areas they will be attracted to you naturally.  How do you depict yourself as an expert with little to no experience?  The answer is simple, you sign up for an attraction marketing system that trains you in the strategies that other successful marketers are using.  This system also helps brand YOU as the solution to the problems that people are looking for.  You begin marketing this training to other struggling network marketers as a solution to their problems.  You leverage the success stories of how other network marketers have overcome these obstacles using the same system you are using.  In the meantime, you are creating your own success story, which you can share in the near future.

What is Attraction marketing system?

If you are a network marketer or have a multi level marketing business, attraction marketing is the best way to do
business. You don’t waste your time running after people who are not interested and instead you can free your time for doing more profitable things like promotion.

The people you attract to your opportunity will be pre-qualified and will not just need your products but may wish to become part of your team.
Traditional selling systems have a tendency to lose sight of one extremely simple but crucial fact; people like to buy stuff.
Nonetheless there’s nothing guaranteed to put a possible purchaser off a purchase faster than an aggressive cold
calling sales person.

Once you register and are inside an attraction marketing system, you will find training materials on how to be successful in generating leads for your business.  These training materials include lessons on SEO (search engine optimization), blogging for leads, Facebook marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and much more.  The training makes it easy for anyone to be successful as long as they follow instructions.  Attraction marketing systems also include generic capture pages that you can promote to struggling network marketers.   They are generic meaning they can be applied to any network marketing company.  The capture pages offer free training materials such as videos or eBooks which show struggling network marketers how to generate endless leads for free (solving their problems).   If the prospect wants the free training (who doesn’t want free training?) they must enter their name and an email address in exchange for the training material.  Once they enter their information they are emailed the free training material and you have added them to your list of prospects to talk to.

These systems also offer additional training and services that the prospect can purchase.  Many times these offers are very hard to refuse and come with money back guarantees.  This process of selling items to a prospect is called a “sales funnel.”  This is helpful in separating the prospects that are just curious from the ones who are more serious about their network marketing careers.  The ones who purchase more training items are the ones that are considered “hot leads.”  This is helpful in knowing which leads will be worth your time and effort.

What are best Attraction Marketing Systems?
One of the best explanations of Attraction Marketing is in Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring.  If you are serious about being a successful network marketer this should be considered required reading as it provides the reader with a successful attraction marketing formula.  It also comes with an attraction marketing system for free.  Another really great free system is MLM Rockstars.  Some great paid systems include: My Lead System Pro and the Empower Network.  I will do a review of each of these systems in a later post.  Stay Tuned.

The old school methods of chasing family members and friends around are dead.  If you want to have a chance at changing your life through network marketing you must familiarize yourself with the topics discussed in this post.  Remember that this is not a “get rich quick” business, but with a little effort, perseverance and patience you can see all your dreams come true.