Pheed is the latest social network start up to roll off the factory line, promising to change our Internet lives. It combines aspect of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, and coats itself in a celebrity- endorsed sheen. Pheed is a self – made and self funded start – up. It’s already believed to be the social media company of the year, the team at the head of this new network hopes to attract at least 10 million users worldwide.

Pheed For Business
Despite numerous challenges to establish and retain its audience, Pheed has been growing impressively. Pheed can actually watermark the content of the brand to keep it safe, so that the creator can monetize the content and reap the profits, of which Pheed takes its share. Brands such as Taco Bell and MTV who have verified Pheed accounts can monetize the unique content they produce and share it with increasingly influential teenage demographic.

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