Are you using Instagram? Are you struggling with it? Or are you doing ok but want to do better? Hubspot and Iconsquare have just released a free ebook on 'How to use Instagram for Business'. You can sign up to get a copy

This ebook is a collaboration between two companies that know a lot about Instagram. Hubspot -which is one of the latest inbound marketing platforms in the world and Iconsquare which helps to manage your Instagram account from your desktop or mobile.

Have you been toying with the idea of using Instagram? Here is why you should use it. It is the fastest growing social media platform. It has 93% month over month audience growth. Do you target millennials? If so this is one of their platforms of choice.

This detailed guide walks you through:

1. Determining your goals

  • What you will be using Instagram for

2. Determining you metrics

  • Using data to draw conclusions
  • Defining value to management

3.  Determining brand guidelines

  • Staying on brand
  • High quality images
  • Typography Rules

4.  Test, repeat, optimise

  • Posting Schedule

5. The Anatomy of the Perfect Profile and Post

  • 9 ways to optimise you profile and posts

6.  9 Types of posts every marketer should try on Instagram

Along with lots of creative inspiration. Its a great guide if you are starting out with Instagram for the first time or if you have dabbled a bit but never really embraced it.


Task 1: Learn more about Instagram

If you are still not really sure what Instagram is and why you should use it.  - Get more info here - this post is quick and easy to read and will help you see why you should be on Instagram. Once you are convinced come and complete task 2 to 4.

Task 2: Print out the ebook and read it

If your like me - you need to return to the old work and print things out and read it. If your good at reading online - please print just the checklist

Task 3: Complete the checklist on page 39

The ebook includes a great checklist for you to work through the ideas and advice in the ebook. Print this out and work through it.

Task 4: Assess whether you are meeting the goals you set Instagram

After a month review the goals and metrics you set. Are you meeting the goals and metrics? If not try tweaking your posts, experiment with other post ideas or take a look at this free guide from Foundr on how to supercharge your Instagram reach.

If you need more help with Instagram or just want someone to hold you accountable for following through the the tips and tasks in this ebook. Contact us now to book a coaching session.