Klout – Online Status Assessor

What is it?
Klout is a website as well as a mobile app which uses social media analytic to rank its user based on online social standing through the Klout Score, counted numerically from 1 to 100. To determine any user score, Klout calculates the length of one’s online social network  and makes a comparative analysis based on the content designed to gauge how other users make interactions to that content.

How does it work?
Klout keeps a minute eye on impacts emploting data points from Twitter. This includes follower count, following count, list memberships, retweets, unique mentions, how influential the people are who retweet him, and how many spam accounts he is followed by. The information is then mixed with data collected on other social network interactions and followings to form conclusive Klout score. Klout score is influenced by the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, as well as Klout itself. There are three measures that Klout score is supplemented with. These measures are ‘true reach’, ‘network impact’, and ‘amplification’. ‘True reach depends on the length of the user’s existing audience who engage actively in the messages of that user. ‘Network impact’ shows the computed influence value a person gains based on his engaged audience. 

What is the benefit to my business?
An online store owner can get benefits from Klouts’ business analytic that aims at analyzing the activities of his online audiences. Having a clear knowledge about his online audience, he can take necessary measures to make his business attractive to more and more visitors and thereby help in increasing his sales.

How much does it cost?
Cost an online store owner needs to incur for augmenting visitors for his business with Klout may vary from country to country or even province to province depending on the status his business is in. Yet, roughly a cost of $10,000 can be the initial charge.