Email Template Creator- Smart Email Designer

What is it?
Email Template Creator is an app that creates email templates, ensuring that emails sent by one look attractive to his customers.

How does it work?
It creates templates that are mobile optimized as well, so customers of the store owner can read the mails on their tablet, Smartphone or laptop. This easy-to-use template creator tool lets one develop completely customize his emails, even without having any prior knowledge of program-designing and coding. Very easy-to-use interface that allows drag, drop, record and replicate images and content, lets user enjoy select his preferred templates for emails with template creator. With this tool, creating impressive designs for email becomes very easy.

What is the benefit to my business?
One enjoys unlimited creative possibilities with email template creator. Through drag-and-drop editor the option of selecting a preferred template becomes really limitless. Choosing a template from the variety of option given by the app one can customize a generated email template. One enjoys full liberty to have total control to modify fonts and color. He can add logos, images and buttons to it. When a user completes his design the template creator provider saves that, and provides the user a code that the user needs to paste in the provider’s admin. Doing this, the user can get back to his created design long after his being inactive.

How much does it cost?
For commercial use of a good quality email template creator one needs to spend $18 approximately.

How we can help?
Over half the emails are read on tablets and Smartphone these days, and to fetch attention of the readers one needs to make his email visually attractive. Being an online store owner one has every reason to take recourse of this magnificent tool  and create impressive emails with which he can allure many people who are eventually turned out to be his potential customers. In this age, attractiveness determines attention. For online activities like online business, email plays very vital role. The more beautiful one can make his emails, the better opportunity he gets to increase sales and profit.