RetailTower - Retail Booster

What is it?
Its a App that boost your sell on shopping engines and helps you receive the reports about the data-feeds from the shopping channels. To boost your marketing activities and reputation, you are provided prompt support in case of any need.

How does it works?
The Retail Tower offers you an opportunity to integrate your store with shopping comparison engines. it helps you submit your products to the major shopping engines like TheFind, Amazon, Bing, Google and many more.

What is the benefit to my business?
The best thing about RetailTower is that it is compatible with most leading e-commerce solutions on the internet. now, you can boost the online reach of your store and sales with the help of these popular shopping channels.

How much does it cost?
This app is solely designed to help you make your presence felt at the major online shopping destinations. It is now easier for you to bring in your products to the most popular shopping channels with only a few clicks. The best thing about this app is that it comes free of cost. 

How we can help?

RetailTower has proved to be a life saver to many online businesses. It is very difficult for marketers to manage everything from the lone shoulder. This sales app makes the feed submission seem easy and less time consuming to you. It helps you enlist your products online with an easy and spontaneous interface to help clients find your store quick and easily. The app’s feed system is simple and user-friendly and has the ability to modify the products that are incorporated in the CMS of your store. RetailTower provides you real time update of the inventory of your web store and helps you classify the inventory according to the requirements of the shopping channels. It also helps you manage your entire shopping engine campaigns at one place and create optimised data-feeds for the shopping channels. On the intuitive dashboard of this platform, you have the options to manage your all the marketing activities.