If we have to choose between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which one is the most effective for mobile marketing?
Noteworthy question!
The social media ecosystem is progressively growing, which means marketers must be more considered than ever when engaging with consumers and across social networks and devices. As consumers negotiate from Facebook to twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, content is digested differently. Eventually, the network that will be most effectual for your mobile marketing efforts depends largely on your audience, their interest and the type of content at your disposal. For example, pinterest is highly visual with a predominately female audience,while twitter users base is much more diverse and text oriented. If you’re in the hospitality industry its likely that your content will be image heavily which makes it ideal for pinterest facebook and integram, alternatively, twitter’s bite-size headline and facebooks content-friendly interface are optimal for back to back companies to engage with customers and prospects.

So what does this means for your mobile marketing strategy? Content device and audience aren’t one size fit all when it comes to engagement and your mobile approach should reflect this, there are several paths to success when it comes to choosing a social network that will perform best with audience on mobile. A few simple factors to consider about each network that can help ensure you are directing your mobile marketing energy and resources to the right networks are as follows.

  • Pinterest- this social platform is involve rapid growth with largely females users base. One of the largest benefits to pinterest for mobiles is that it is highly visual and exceptional for traffic invention particularly for retails.
  • Twitter- the micro-blogging site is brilliant for real time engagement with consumers. On twitter marketer can share the latest news in a quick snapshot, message, allowing communication to be shared instantly while offering fodder for stimulating message, when it comes to mobile twitter simple interface is idea for engagement on the go that can reach hundreds of thousands of followers immediately.
  • Facebook- almost everyone has facebook apps in their phone, so 88 % of its daily users are on mobile, which presents numerous opportunities for mobile engagements. Facebook is well suited for rich content escorted by images and videos.
  • Instagram- in many respect instagram is the new kid on the block. According to a recent study around 75% of the worlds largest brands now use instagram as a marketing network, however form a marketing viewpoint the network is still the early stages. The recent inclusion of video and its tight integration with facebook make it an ideal compliment to facebook mobile engagement.